About the author

Glenn Andres is professor emeritus of the History of Art and Architecture, at Middlebury College where he taught the history of architecture and urbanism from 1970 to 2015. He has degrees in architecture from Cornell University and architectural history from Princeton. He has published and designed lecture, seminar, bicycle tour, and exhibition courses drawing upon Vermont history and the regional built environment and served as a long-time member of the Vermont Advisory Council on Historic Preservation. He is the author of the Walking History of Middlebury (inspired by and developed from research generated in student seminars) and co-author of the Buildings of Vermont, in the Buildings of the United States series sponsored by the Society of Architectural Historians. Andres has been involved with the Sheldon Museum since 1971. He has curated several exhibits for the Museum, given numerous lectures, workshops, and Middlebury walking tours. He served as a Trustee from 1975-1985 and is now an Honorary Trustee. A member of many Museum committees over the years, he is currently Collections committee chair.

About the book

Since it was first published in 1975 by the Bicentennial Committee, A Walking History of Middlebury by Glenn M. Andres has been one of Middlebury’s perennial favorites, providing local residents and visitors alike with a compact but informative guide to many of the significant districts and structures in town. Due to popular demand, the book has been reprinted five times by its subsequent sponsor, the Henry Sheldon Museum, between 1981 and 1994. Given the many changes that had occurred in the town since 1975, the Museum, assisted by a small but dedicated group of volunteers, published a significantly revised edition in 1997 under the editorship of Greg Pahl, digitized in 2005 by Anne Callahan. The town has remained dynamic, however, and in 2021, the author and the Museum undertook the present revision with the assistance of Middlebury College interns Carolina Hutt-Sierra, Laurel Margerum, and Taylor Rossini, with the guidance of Associate Director Mary Manley. Wherever possible, the original text was left substantially unaltered, but some sections were adjusted due to changes in use or appearance of the structures involved. The section on Middlebury College received some of the heaviest editing. Corrections or additions to other entries were made where recent research or remodeling activities have uncovered new information.

About the website

This digital edition of A Walking History of Middlebury was developed in 2022 by Middlebury College Special Collections with editorial direction by Rebekah Irwin and Mikaela Taylor and website development by Anne Callahan. Images come from the Stewart Swift Research Center at the Sheldon Museum and Middlebury College Special Collections and are accessible via the Internet Archive. If you are interested in pursuing a particular aspect of the history of the town or its buildings, Special Collections at Middlebury College and the Stewart-Swift Research Center at the Henry Sheldon Museum are highly recommended.

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